Etosha – Photographic Opportunities and Diversity

I am back in Windhoek for a day between safaris and am trying to catch up on admin and getting some of my image editing up to date before we head north to Etosha again tomorrow morning.  This last week was not only about the lions of Etosha, although we saw the Namutoni pride at times and also got to photograph and follow one of the adult males of the pride.  We also saw 2 adult males further North late one afternoon, a female returning to her brood after making a kill near the Namutoni camp  and a pair of lions greeted us early one morning on the main road up from the main gate.

So the lions are definitely about and its all about timing.  Nature continues all around us every minute of every day and if we are fortunate enough to be at the same point as a Hyena drinking or a Secretary bird catching a lizard in the grass then we get the shots.  However its not all about blind luck as you learn about animal and bird behaviour you can predict with some degree of certainty what could happen and prepare accordingly to get the shots.

We had a number of nice sighting of Secretary birds and Kori Bustards catching insects in good light so we made the most of these opportunities.  You have to work the scene as it presents itself and not overlook the small things, even if it means photographing small lizards in territorial disputes while waiting at a waterhole.

Etosha 27 May - 1 June '14_01564 by . The Hyenas are ever present and we had some nice sightings of the clan coming in to drink at the various waterholes or walking across the open grass lands.

We had our first good elephant sightings on the grasslands and also some individuals moving from the bush as the water starts to dry up in the veld.

Etosha 27 May - 1 June '14_00948 by .

A large Elephant bull approaches.

Although the light wasn’t 100% in our favour I wanted to show you the size of these Etosha Elephant bulls.  They are very heavy set with thick trunks and heavy tusks.  I am still waiting for the large herds to turn up at Namutoni and Chudop as we had last year.

There are large numbers of Giraffe in the park and they turn up in numbers at the various water holes where they drink and the young males try to assert their dominance over the other young males.

Etosha 27 May - 1 June '14_03499 by .

Zebras get a fright and flee from the water

The Zebra herds moving towards the waterholes are also increasing in size and provide for some interesting photography as the herds join and the dominant stallions confront each other.  They are also very skittish and the smallest warning will trigger a flight reaction.

The local Tawney Eagles cannot move without drawing loads of unwanted attention from the Plovers and Drongos.

Join us on a Photographic safari of a lifetime.

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Etosha 27 May - 1 June '14_03336 by .

2 thoughts on “Etosha – Photographic Opportunities and Diversity

  1. A whole waterhole – yet the Hyena drink right next to each other 🙂 GORGEOUS huge Ellie. He looks as though he has seen so much of life. Well fed Zebras those 🙂

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